Betty's Story

A chance encounter that changed two lives forever. Our objective is to help many more.


When Betty found us, she was a stray dog in Greece who began sleeping under our van. 

As the days passed, our relationship grew and she began following us absolutely everywhere.

Riddled with ticks, fleas and worms, it was obvious she was in poor health so we decided to try and help her.

What started as a one-off trip to the local vet soon turned into a full-blown rescue mission.

The days weeks and months after her rescue were the start of an incredible journey for all of us. From our side, hours and hours were spent researching medical needs, vaccinations, chips, pet passports / travel requirements, diet and training techniques.

From Betty's perspective, life was turned upside down as she learned to adapt to life off the streets with a loving family. Challenges came in the form of multiple vet visits, collars, leads (she is great at chewing through these) and getting used to regular meals instead of searching through bins!

Betty just before her ferry back to the UK

Betty relaxing on a cliff

When we eventually made it back to the UK together, the research didn't stop. It was rewarding to find new, all natural brands that Betty loved. We made it our mission to discover new brands every month and began making a list of the products that went down a treat. It wasn't long before we found ourselves making recommendations to friends and family...

On the two-year anniversary of her rescue, Betty's Treat Club was born...