Beautiful Joe's Ethical Dog Treats


Betty's Review: 5 out of 5
Average Treat Club Member Review: 5 out of 5 (as at 08/10/2020)
Average Amazon Review: 4.7 out of 5 (47 Ratings as at 08/10/20)

Betty's Verdict

Ah Beautiful Joe's, where to start! There's no doubt that Betty absolutely loves these training treats. Just the sound of their tin rattling is enough to get her around our local doggy assault course all in one go! Video to come...

Taste aside, Beautiful Joe's treats are also sold in aid of dogs in need - a cause very close to our heart. For every packet bought they give the same quantity away to a rescue centre. On their checkout page you can even nominate a home of your choice! So far, they have given away 106,961 packets to 197 rescue centres. We think this is amazing and hope that someday we can make an equally impressive contribution to dogs in need.

In terms of ingredients, they simply contain 100% British Pasture-fed Ox Liver. Nothing is added – all they do is 'slowly dry the liver to lock in all the flavour'. 

It would be great to hear whether your pups agree with Betty's verdict? Leave a comment below for a chance to win a free box next month!

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+ Betty and her friends love them!
+ 100% British Pasture-fed Ox Liver, 100% natural 
+ Free-range and/or organic 
+ Sold in aid of dogs in need 
+ Have made a huge contribution to rescue homes across the UK

- Pricey at £4 per 50g bag. That said, we think the mission/ethos of Beautiful Joe's justifies the price (1-4-1 model).

Direct link to product to Beautiful Joe's website.

Key details from Beautiful Joe's website:

Did you knowBeautiful Joe’s are hand-made from fresh, British (you can tell this because they always stand up when the National Anthem is played) Pasture-fed Ox Liver and dogs find them irresistible. Nothing is added – all we do is slowly dry the liver to lock in all the flavour.

Rescue homes love Beautiful Joe's: Most rescue homes can’t afford to buy any treats for the dogs they look after, let alone natural, air-dried, pure liver treats. So, the treats we donate are always very welcome. Some homes use them for training, others just as treats. All the homes we donate to, by the way, are nominated by our customers.

Hat Eating Guarantee: If your dog doesn’t tell you immediately and in perfect English (even if he or she has only ever spoken another language, say Mandarin), that these treats are the very best he or she has tasted, we’ll refund your money in full and send you a photograph of us actually eating our hats.

Ingredients: 100% Pasture-fed Ox Liver


Protein: 56.9%
Total Fat: 5.8%
Moisture: 20.7%
Ash: 3.78%
Crude Fiber 0.1%

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